South Meck HS teacher accused of having sex with students

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A Charlotte teacher is accused of turning a study group into his own sex party. FOX 46 Charlotte first broke the news of the South Mecklenburg High School teacher's name. 

Juan Vazquez appeared in court Thursday afternoon where disturbing details came out about half a dozen students at the school who are now at the center of this investigation. 

Vazquez allegedly hosted a study group at his house and when he approached one student in the group, that student felt uncomfortable, and went to school officials. 

The 28-year-old AP English teacher was given a $165,000 secured bond in court on Thursday and the judge issued a no-contact order, meaning he can't have any communication with the seven students in question. 

Students at South Meck High School spent most of the day talking to teachers and counselors. 

"They were just like you guys need to calm down, we understand. Some of us know Mr. Vazquez as friends, some of the allegations can be true and some of them cannot be true. What we didn't understand was how did they know? Like, how did they know it wasn't true if they weren't there? And like some of them were just mad, some of the students because they were defending him and we didn't know what really happened," a student at South Meck HS said. 

The Assistant District Attorney said in court Vazquez hosted a study group at his apartment. Investigators said he had sex with two students, massaged four students while they were in their underwear, showed four students porn, and took a picture of one student's privates. 

One student blew the whistle after Vazquez asked the size of his privates and told him he'd give him an A if the student agreed to a threesome. 

He was ordered by CMS police to have no contact but investigators said he used SnapChat to tell a student to "do right by him." 

Students said they won't forget the impact the case had on their day. 

"Everybody was like searching out pictures on the Meck County like Sheriff website and they could see like his mugshot and everything on there and every makes a big deal about it but it's serious. It's like a serious accusation," one student said. 

Vazquez faces three felony charges each of indecent liberties with a student and sexual acts with a student. More charges could come. Vazquez's next court date is May 24. 

Letter sent out to families Wednesday: 

"Good evening, South Mecklenburg families. This is Dr. Furr with an important message about an active investigation which may lead to news media coverage. We are working closely with law enforcement regarding an allegation of inappropriate contact with students by a teacher. 

I want to assure you that I am committed to the physical, social, and emotional safety of all of our students. Upon learning of the allegations, school leadership and CMS Police took immediate action and we will continue to assist law enforcement in any way necessary during this investigation. Additional counseling and other supports will also be provided to our students and families as needed during this process. 

I realize you may have additional questions about the allegations. Because this is an active investigation I am limited in what I can share, but do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support of South Mecklenburg HS."