South Point High British Lit teacher named 'Teacher Getting Results'

For South Point High School English Teacher Bobbie Cavnar, being recognized for his efforts inside the classroom is nothing new.

"I absolutely never thought teaching British literature would lead to me traveling the country and the world speaking about education," Cavnar said.

He's been South Point High School's teacher of the year, Gaston County's teacher of the year, North Carolina's teacher of the year and he was nationally recognized as America's top public school teacher by the National Education Association.

"It's been very exciting," Cavnar said.  "And bringing it back to my kids, showing them the things their teacher has gotten to do is amazing."

"I'm going to study English education next year in college because of Mr. Cavnar," said his student Justin Crawford.  "He was such a big role model on me and what I want to do the rest of my life."

Just look inside his classroom, and you'll see he takes his students on an adventure, creating an atmosphere related to the places and times he teaches about.  His room is lined with lights, clocks and pictures of England.

"It's designed to look scholarly and the hope is when the kids come in, they feel scholarly," Cavnar said.

Cavnar has been teaching for 20 years and public education is his passion.

"Kids have so much energy and they're so joyful," he said.

His students love his energy and enthusiasm-- as well as his sense of humor and knowledge.

"Coming into this, I kind of hated Shakespeare," said Student Zane Andrews.  "But after reading his work and doing a project, it's been interesting and a lot of fun."

An avid traveler, he makes a point to visit the places he brings to the classroom.

He wants his students to leave at the end of the year prepared for what's to come.

"The main thing I want is for them to be ready for whatever they do next," he said.