Southpark concierge accused of sleeping in tenant's rooms, driving man's car

A Southpark concierge is behind bars after making himself at home— in someone else’s house.

Police arrested him after they say he stole from some of the units and even crashed at the residents' homes while they were away. Now, some residents feel management isn't doing enough to protect them.

35-year old Quinnton Jones is behind bars. He was arrested for treating apartments at the residence at Southpark as his own playground.

"There's been crime in the building, there's been access to everybody's unit,” an angry tenant said. 

CMPD began their investigation on March 16 when they were called out for a break-in. The victim told police the keys to his company car were stolen.

6,000 miles were driven on the car while he was out of town. Jones had accessed the apartment to let in a cleaning crew-- he'd been spotted driving the car by other tenants. 

"There's been a bank fraud charge where a check was pulled out of a bank and tried to become deposited across the street,” the tenant said. 

Police say on March 23 another resident reported someone had been sleeping in their unit. Jones had been given permission to enter to care for the victim's fish while they were out of town. 

"We all want to go see if we've had our valuables taken that we don't look at every day because most people don't leave their valuables laying out they need to be hidden in their unit so there's no telling when people travel what's been taken from their unit."

Jones was fired on March 23, but was caught inside another unit Thursday. 

"The management has yet to acknowledge that some people may have items that are missing, scooted around, moved all over the place, need to be aware that there could be other individuals accessing their units. Who knows where they come from, who cares. We need our locks changed."