Special rules for Epicentre during All-Star Weekend

The countdown to NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte is just three days away. That means crowds will soon be taking over uptown, but where will they all go?

Marketers are calling the Epicentre the “fan free destination,” and anyone can walk into the food and social hub, which will have open access to the public this weekend.

“This is basketball country,” said Wayne Harris. “It’s about time we waited long enough to host the All-Stars.”

Those wanting to register for specific NBA events at the Epicentre can bring their ID and registered ticket to get a wristband. What you can’t bring inside are backpacks (clear bags only), strollers, alcohol, and weapons.

 “In some sense its good for security,” said Harris. “You want everyone to enjoy themselves, you don’t want any problems.”

Some families say registration methods like this are keeping kids out of the fan attractions.

“They should have a family value pack,” Britt Malt told FOX 46 Charlotte. Children, however, will be allowed to enter the Epicentre.

"I think that’s a good idea because it’s going be so congested,” said Carmen Harriston when asked if parents should think twice about bring their children. “Everywhere you go there is going to be a line.”

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect the Epicentre will be open to the public and not have restricted access.