Speeding, noisy tractor trailers frustrate neighbors in Maiden

FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results for neighbors in Maiden who say noisy and speeding tractor trailers are plaguing their roads.

Now the Catawba County Sheriff and State Troopers are stepping up patrols. Residents also say they are considering filing a petition to restrict tractor trailers driving down the road overnight.

“It’s an old country road it wasn’t made for semis,” said Wendy who reached out to FOX 46 Charlotte for help. “They come over the line. You could, seriously, some bad things could happen.”

Wendy moved from Denver to Maiden in August and thought she was signing up for a quiet life in the country side. She says now her house shakes every time a truck rumbles bye.

“It’s loud. We got all the city noises. You would think sometimes maybe there is an airplane flying over the house.”

She tells FOX 46 Charlotte it’s not safe for other drivers or police to pull them over. There is no sidewalks, street lights, or shoulder room, but there are a lot of twists and turns in the road.

“I don’t blame them if I was a police officer I wouldn’t want to pull them over and risk my own life.” 

With a baby on the way, speed and noise are her biggest concerns.

“No one feels safe. I just wish something could be done.”