Spreading kindness: 7-year-old gives CMPD officer heartwarming gift

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Photos: Genie Read

A little girl is getting results for police by giving them little gifts that mean a lot. CMPD Officer James Wolfe and 7-year-old Lily have become fast friends, all because if Lily’s small act of kindness. 

“I stopped to get gas, went to get out and go in the store, and a van pulled up and the lady driving asked if she could speak with her for a moment,” Wolfe said. 

That lady was Lily's mom.

“We paint kindness rocks and just spread them around,” mom Nicole Morrison says. 

Morrison says the rocks are something they've made for years, and when she saw Officer Wolfe, Lily knew exactly what to do: She immediately handed one over to him. 

“It had a black rock with a thin blue line, and on the back, 'we got your 6,’” Wolfe said. 

Lily’s mother says the encounter with Officer Wolfe here at the Citgo station in Mooresville was completely by chance, but had a deeper meaning for everyone involved.

“With everything going on recently, it hit me pretty hard at the time,” said Wolfe. “This past week with the officer in Mooresville, and the shooting at UNCC, a 7-year-old girl gives you something to show her appreciation, it just puts everything in perspective.” 

When asked why she gave Officer Wolfe the rock, this is what little Lily had to say: “Because it spreads kindness around.”

That kindness is something Wolfe says is needed right now. He says he's keeping it that rock with him to remind him, no matter how tough the day, he's not alone.