Stabbed Puppy Recovering, Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty

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Buddy, the puppy stabbed last week in Rowan County, is on the mend, according to workers at Rowan County Animal Care and Control, while the dog's owner has now been arrested in connection with the case.

Rowan County authorities charged Faith Goss with misdemeanor cruelty to animals because she deprived the dog of "necessary sustenance," according to the arrest warrant.

A witness told a deputy she watched Phillip Shoemaker  hold the dog down with his knees, while stabbing it in the stomach and neck. Deputies found the dog inside the home of the witness. It had several puncture wounds to its stomach and several stab wounds to the neck. 

Goss' trial date is set for February.

Shoemaker was arrested at the scene and charged with felony cruelty to animals. He was placed in the Rowan County Detention Center under a $5,000 bond. 

Jamie Stivers, a vet tech at Rowan County Animal Care and Control, said, “I think it’s absolutely horrible. I can’t imagine a poor, little, tiny, 20 pound dog being treated the way that he was.”

When deputies arrested Phillip Shoemaker, they say his jeans were blood-soaked. Investigators say those are the same jeans he was wearing when he allegedly stabbed young Buddy with a knife.

Animal Care and Control says Buddy had a total of three stab wounds to his neck and chest.

Stivers said, “It’s just unimaginable. You think, 'How can anybody do anything like that to a poor, little defenseless puppy.”

Because the case is still active, workers at Animal Care and Control didn’t want to show Buddy’s injuries, but they say he’s doing amazingly well, especially considering the trauma he’s endured. He’s expected to make a full recovery.

Stivers said, “He should be able to run and play and everything, just like normal.”

Workers say this case should also serve as a reminder for people to do something, if they suspect animal cruelty.

Stivers said, “I’ve read reports of a neighbor saying that they had witnessed some abusive type of situations previous to this, and if that had been called in and investigated, then maybe poor Buddy wouldn’t have had to go through what he went through.”

Buddy is not currently up for adoption. Animal Care and Control says he will remain in their care until the court process plays out.