Standing water, bugs, causing health problems in Charlotte neighborhood

Bugs are taking over in one north east Charlotte neighborhood and those who live there say it’s now becoming a health problem.

FOX 46 Charlotte spoke with a woman Monday who said standing water in the neighborhood is so bad that bugs from it sent her to the hospital over the weekend.

“Take responsibility. Don’t just take our money, but take responsibility and stop having us living in this hell,” said Michelle Clyburn, who is frustrated that her HOA hasn’t done anything to fix the problem.

The area where water is standing is an overgrown, forgotten looking strip of land off Harrisburg Road. Neighbors say the strip of land serves as a drainage basin for the subdivision, but it’s not being maintained. Mosquitos and other bugs have now moved in.

“All night long they are biting me, cause they bite so bad it feels like a thousand needles,” said Clyburn.

It’s more than an annoyance for Clyburn, the bugs are now impacting her health. Clyburn says she recently suffered a heart attack and can no longer use a breathing machine at night.

“They get inside my oxygen tube that I put over my nose and the mask that I put on and they get down in there and I have to try and use it the best I can, but I know the bugs are literally coming along with it,” said Clyburn.

Neighbors called Mecklenburg County officials to take a look at the problem. The health department even came out and sprayed down the area to prevent mosquitoes.

“They said it was one of the worst creeks they have ever seen,” said Clyburn.

There is little the county can do, since they say the area should be maintained by the developer of the subdivision. Neighbors say so far the HOA hasn’t even helped, which is why a 12 page petition is now circulating.

“They gaff us off and talk to us like we are crazy,’ said Clyburn.

FOX 46 Charlotte also reached out to the City of Charlotte who said they are looking to see if there is a possible solution.