Stanly County detectives investigating after 3 family members killed, 1 injured in shooting

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Detectives in Stanly County say three family members are dead and another is in the hospital after a shooting.

Officials with the Stanly County Sheriff's Office say a grandfather, grandmother, and mother were the victims killed in the incident on Canton Road in Albermarle. They have been identified as Donny Furr, 74, Elaine Furr, 76, and Paula Furr. 

Investigators say it was one of the most gruesome crime scenes they've ever encountered. 

The 24-year-old grandson was shot in the stomach. Deputies say he jumped out a window and ran to a neighbor's house to get help. He is in stable condition at the hospital, but needs surgery.

"It's very shocking," said Stanly County Sheriff Jeff Crisco. "In all my years, I've never had this."

Detectives say the neighborhood is quiet, and this type of violence so out of the ordinary they just can't believe what they saw inside the farmland home. 

"There were no signs, no clues leading up to this. It's just out of the blue," Crisco said. 

They say most of the Furr family lives nearby in the county, so they have been working with them to figure out how this happened. 

"We are relying on family members, and neighbors, because this is out of character with everybody here," said Sheriff Crisco.

Detectives plan to speak with the grandson next, who is the only living witness. They say they are not looking for any suspects and believe this is a contained case only involving the four people inside the home.