Star Wars fans come out in big numbers for premiere

Thursday night was the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Movie theaters around the Charlotte area were packed with fans excited to see the next chapter in the movie’s franchise.

Half of the theaters at Arysley Grand Cinemas were showing the film. The tickets for the 7 pm show were sold out.

"We actually had our first person in line at noon with a small TV showing the original trilogy for the entire day,” said Kara Leonard, theater General Manager.

Once 5 pm came around, fans were able to file into their seats.

"This is a new Star Wars movie. I've watched every episode. This is probably going to be something pretty big,” Star Wars fan Hunter Daniel said.

"The thing I love about Star Wars so much is that the fan community is so tight knit and so great to be around,” said Chris Fawcett, a Star Wars fan.

In order to handle the larger than normal crowd, management made sure they were fully staffed and had extra security on hand.