State says they're cracking down on CBD shops, but instead targets distributors

It's all the rage when it comes to health, but the future of CBD oil in North Carolina is up in the air.

The state said they were going to crack down on businesses selling it, but so far there hasn't been any evidence of that.

If you walk into any shop that sells CBD you'll come across it in various forms—tinctures, food, flowers and some of it sometimes in what you order straight from the shop.

"We have CBD syrup, salve, vapes,” Kimberly Wilkinson with Juice Box said. 

The Juice Box is in NoDa, and it’s one of many shops that sell CBD. They say it accounts for about half their sales.

LINK: Regulators consider reigning in sale of CBD products

"The CBD went crazy.  We never intended to sell CBD, we didn't even know about it."

State officials, though, say the selling of some of the items may become limited. That’s because of a new drug on the market with CBD in it that’s used to treat seizures.

That make CBD a drug, and something that can't be put in edibles.

Earlier this month the state said they would be sending letters out warning shops on what they can and can't sell, but among the shops we spoke with, they haven't received a thing. However, their distributors have.

"The letters that we've become aware of have gone out to our processors."

That could potentially mean fewer items on the shelves, as anything drinkable or edible would not be allowed. Nearly anything else would be legal.

For now, for many shops, it's a wait and see, but they say, at this point, it's up to the state to make its mind on what it wants to do.

"I think that the state needs to understand more of the wellness side of it.  So, I don't think they're trying to take it off the shelves.  I just think they want to understand it better."

Shops are hoping that they will still have free reign to do what they want.

Wilkinson says she's getting more competition. She's been told three more shops will be opening up in the area within the next month.