State to Vote on Granting Right of Refusal for Magistrates and Same Sex Marriage

The state of North Carolina is looking to pass a controversial bill. It would give magistrates the freedom to refuse to carry out the duties required to marry same sex couples. This creating waves across the state.

As the house considers passing a bill already approved by the Senate, that would allow Magistrates or Register of Deeds to refuse to marry gay couples. Six magistrates have resigned already in our state for this reason, begging the question as to whether or not church and state are separate.

 Doctor and Pastor Nancy Ellett Allison has been fighting the fight for marriage equality in North Carolina for quite some time. Now, the fight she says she fought so hard for, is losing it's luster. She says the role of a state legislator is to abide by the law and constitution, regardless of their personal or religious beliefs. 

The house, waiting to vote on a bill that would grant magistrates and register of deeds within the state  the right to refuse to marry same sex couples.

The local magistrates who resigned would not comment to Fox 46. The house is expected to vote this week.