Statesville man accused of selling cocaine out of his home

Statesville Police Department 

A Statesville man is being held on a $50,000 bond after investigators said he was selling cocaine and marijuana out of his home. 

Narcotics Investigators has conducted surveillance at a home located along Harrison Street. They reportedly saw criminal activity at the house and purchases of cocaine were made by undercover investigators from the home. 

On Tuesday, Jan. 8, the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Investigations Unit, and the Sheriff’s Office Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) conducted an early morning a search warrant at Harrison Street home. 

Two people were in the home at the time of entry, investigators said. Authorities were able to find a substantial amount of cocaine, and items consistent with packaging, and selling cocaine and marijuana.

Dario Dewitt Weaver was arrested on scene and transported to the Iredell Detention Center where he was charged with: felony possession with intent to sell and cocaine, felony possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana and felony maintain a vehicle/dwelling or place to sell controlled substances.