Statesville neighbors battle massive sinkhole

Neighbors in Statesville have been dealing with a massive sinkhole for months, and it’s only getting worse.     

The sinkhole is now about ten feet wide and at least 15 feet deep.

Neighbor Terill Hardy is still taking it all in. The huge sinkhole is right next to his home. He knew it was there, but didn't know it had gotten so big.

“At the time it was ten feet deep, maybe three or four feet wide and I didn't notice it until today-- when you came-- how large it's gotten. Now it's on our property as well.

Hardy lives off of Coddington Ln. in Statesville. He says he and his next-door neighbors have been dealing with it for months.

He says at first it wasn’t a big deal, but after the recent hurricanes, rainstorms and snowstorms, it’s become a more pressing matter. 

Hardy’s neighbor shared a picture of the way the sinkhole looked like after it was discovered. The hole is now on the edge of that neighbor’s fence and creeping up slowly towards hardy's house.

“I can't even let my kids outside to play. Not even in the backyard,” Hardy said. 

Hardy says a nearby pipe, which he believes should have gone further down past their house during construction, is the issue.

He says the area near the pipe floods and could explain why it has gotten so bad. Hardy’s neighborhood is maintained by a homeowner’s association. So FOX 46 gave them a call. 

A representative directed us to the HOA Management Association, which is closed until the new year.

Hardy says the problem started on property that is neither his or his neighbors, and says that problem needs to be fixed, or he could be without a home.

“We understand acts of nature, but there are precautions that could have been taken to have prevented this from ever happening,” he said. 

Hardy's neighbor is the one who initially reached to FOX 46 about the issue. He told us the problem is so bad on the other side of the fence he's had to cordon off an area to keep guests and his pets safe.