Statesville Police partner with local churches to cut down on crime

The Statesville Police Department has teamed up with local churches in order to fight crime.

Officers found that a number of crimes are being committed because basic needs aren’t being met, now they’re working with local churches to get to the root of the problem.

Statesville Police Chief Joseph Barone said he found that in many cases suspects are committing crimes because they have basic human needs that are not being met. The Church and Police Coalition has been created to combat that problem.

“What we hear time and time again when we make an arrest when we finally get to the underlying issue, that underlying issue is basic needs aren’t being met whether it’s food, shelter, etc…,” said Chief Barone.

According to Chief Barone there’s a cycle of violence that can only be broken if children are educated but said the community can only do that if kids have what they need.

“We want to put this gentleman out of business. I want to make it where we don’t have jails, where he doesn’t have to patrol the streets where we can leave our windows and doors open and we know that the basic necessities of the children are not being met and that’s because they’re not being fed and that’s due to no fault of their own,” said Pastor Thomas Young of Cochran Street Bible Church.

As many as 50 children come to Cochran Street Bible Church to eat and Pastor Young estimates there are hundreds more being served by other church ministries in the coalition.

“That’s how it’s growing is word of mouth by the children and then that’s part of the coalition with the other churches, with the police department. When the police goes into a situation they can say hey pastor go over to address such and such they need some clothes or they need some food, something that’s out of our resource,” said Pastor Young.

The church feeds children between 6 and 7pm they’re also implementing tutoring, bible study, and recreational time.

“We don’t care who you are or what background you come from or what your status or classification is, that’s irrelevant to us. Every person is a human being and we’re gonna love them right where they are. That’s what Jesus did,” said Pastor Young.

People in the community can also get involved by donating their time and funds.