Steele Creek neighbors want to see changes to 'dangerous' road

Neighbors in one Steele Creek say something should be done about a street they say is dangerous.  

One of the only street lamps on Youngblood Road in south Charlotte is still sticking out at an angle after someone crashed into it, and people who live there say it's a sign of a larger issue.

“I find myself looking back and forth a lot, and just gunning it to get out there,” said Claudia Lake. She lives off of Youngblood Road. 

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Lake says she hasn't lived in the neighborhood very long, but she’s seen the issues in just the last few months.

“You can't see very far if cars are coming from the left.” 

The road has been the scene of crashes and deadly accidents. Last year, 15-year-old Zoe Deen was hit by a car and killed just down the road from here.

After that, changes were made to help kids safe, but some neighbors they say it's become a problem for everyone.

“It is really dark at night and people are speeding, and high beams are flashing,” Isabelle Holmes said.

People say the blame for it is one we've heard before: Growth. They say all the housing developments now off Youngblood are leading to a glut.

“It’s been more difficult. There's been more congestion and traffic and it just feels, like, there's not been better communication on it, so we can better prepare for work,” said Holmes. 

The glut is leading to issues that they say now deserve a closer look.

“It looks like it was a rural road, with houses with large lots, and now you have communities like this on it,” Lake said.