Still no answers after 30 cars broken into in uptown, police say

FOX 46 is working to find out what can be done to help residents at one uptown apartment complex after dozens of cars were broken into in one night.

The break-ins happened at the Post Gateway Apartments of North Cedar Street on Saturday, Jan. 26. Most of the damage, we're told has been fixed.

Thirty cars had their windows busted out in the parking deck. The complex tonight says they're now looking at getting cameras to keep it from happening again.

The damage was already done by the time Andrew Beierlein found out what happened. The car was actually his mom's that he had been borrowing, and all four windows were busted out.

“We woke up to the tell-tale sign of a police officer knocking on the door,” Beierlein said.

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Beierlein was one of 30 hit in the post gateway place parking deck in the early morning hours.    

FOX 46 first showed you some of the damage back when it happened, but a week and a half on, they're left with some lingering questions about security.

“Unfortunately it took 30 cars being damaged for this to come to light, but it's been brought up by residents over the last year or more,” said Beierlein.

FOX 46 wanted to get details on how the apartment complex plans to address the issues,

MAA, which manages Post Gateway Place told FOX 46: 

“We are cooperating with law enforcement and our residents to alert them about the incidents and remind them to take care to protect their property and take precautions for their own safety. We are also asking CMPD to step up patrols in the area."

Not too long after we got that statement, Beierlein says he got a message from the apartment complex saying that the parking deck will upgrade their security, and also add cameras.

For Beierlein, though, he's had enough. He says he and his wife are moving out at the end of the week.

“This didn't help and our mind was already made up prior to this happening and it was a myriad of other things.” 

We did check with police to see if there's any update on the break-ins-- how they happened, and who actually did the deed. CMPD says the case is still open, and no arrests have yet been made,