Stolen Holiday Light Displays

“It's very inexpensive and it's very easy to put down in your yard,” said Juanita Tillman.  She and Patricia Medlin both brought the Star Shower Laser Light so they could have their entire houses lit up bright for the holidays.

“I just thought it was rather unusual and wanted something different and it is rather spectacular when you put up on the house,” said Medlin.

Evidently crooks liked how it looked as well...because both women had them stolen right out of their front yards...

"It's really sad when you have to go and steal from hard-working people instead of just going to get a job,” said Tillman.

Medlin’s light show was even taken during broad daylight.

"I feel like they've stolen Christmas from me,” she said.  “I don't even feel like continuing to decorate because what else will they take?"

She says even though theft has recently become a recurring problem in her neighborhood, Medlin never thought twice about setting up the laser light.

"I realized quickly how easy it would be to take.  I just believed it's Christmas [so] they aren't going to do things like that but apparently they do."

And they do quite often.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Crime Prevention Specialist Chris Copp sees a spike in property theft and vandalism this time of year.  He encourages homeowners to be the eyes and ears for police.

"This is really the time that the neighborhood needs to come together and look out for one another,” said Copp.  “As a police officer we can we can drive through [neighborhoods] but we don't know who belongs in the neighborhood and who doesn't."

As for Tillman, she has a message for others who may have bought the Star Shower Lazer Light.

“Be on the lookout because thieves are out there and just takes a second for them to grab it and go."

But she says there's one thing nobody will ever be able to take.

"They may have taken items that's the only material things but they didn't take my spirit."