Stores Hope Last Minute Shopping will help beat Online Sales

The countdown is on at Charlotte area stores to snag those last minute gifts.

The parking lots are pretty full and the malls are busy, but will in-store revenue beat out online sales numbers this holiday season? The days leading up to Christmas could be a deciding factor.

Nicole Kennon with SouthPark Mall said, “We are seeing good numbers, but this past weekend and this week is actually the busiest week of the season. We hear a lot about Black Friday, and there’s no doubt, it is a busy time, but the weekend before Christmas is the busiest weekend of the year.”

That’s a good thing for brick and mortar stores because they have some catching up to do after Black Friday. According to ShopperTrak, sales at brick and mortar stores dropped 11.4% during Thanksgiving weekend. And the National Retail Federation says more people shopped online than in stores.

But last-minute shoppers say it’s more than just the deadline driving them to the stores. Greg High said, “I’ll order online, but a lot of things I like to see, have it in my hand when I buy them, make sure it’s really what I want.” Ashley Accor said, “When it comes to clothes or shoes, I’m worried about the size not fitting and having to go through all that return process.”

And the brick and mortars have something online retail can’t match right now. If you’ve waited this late, you don’t have a choice. You won’t be able to click your way to your last minute gifts. You’ll have to head to the store.

Area Wal-Mart stores are open until 8 pm Christmas Eve, and area Target stores are open until 11 pm.