Storm cleanup begins in Myers Park

The cleanup process is underway Thursday in Myers Park. Two massive trees fell on homes in the historic neighborhood.

The family who lives on Normandy Road said their tree came crashing down 15 minutes into the storm Wednesday night.

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The homeowner said her neighbors came running through the rain to help her salvage what they could from the house.

Her mother's wedding dress, family pictures, and tax documents were in one of the rooms that was destroyed. The homeowner said she had planned to get a third inspection later this week on the tree that fell.

The two prior inspections - she said - gave her conflicting results as to whether or not to take it down.

But Mother Nature beat her to the punch.

Another tree fell on a house on Queens Road West. The trunk split in two.

"You can see that it has been rotting inside for years. There are some signs on the outside that should have showed someone that action needed to be taken. It ended up splitting up the side and causing it to uproot and fall onto the house."

Patrick George, an arborist with Heartwood tree experts, said older, taller trees take a harder beating during severe weather.

"The bigger trees are more vulnerable because they're that much higher up in the air. They get the wind unabated by structures or mountains. The smaller trees get what comes under the skirt of these taller trees."

Now is the time, he said, to get your trees inspected after big storms like the one Wednesday night.

"Ideally, after every heavy weather event, once a year. We see most of our clients every three years."

The large, beautiful trees that make parts of Charlotte so unique, he said can and should outlive us.

"There are many trees that will be here long after you and I are here and they're old now. That's the way it should be. Trees makes Charlotte what charlotte is. This just tells us we have to take care of what we have."