Student battling cancer gets surprise from homecoming date

A Nashville-area high school student battling cancer got a big surprise when her date showed up for homecoming: he had shaved his head. Allie Allen is battling cancer and lost her hair about a week before homecoming festivities.

"I got out of the shower and brushed my hair and noticed it falling out," Allie recalled on a GoFundMe page setup to help pay for her treatments. "Of course I had a meltdown."

When her date Brayden Carpenter showed up for the homecoming dance, he surprised Allie by shaving his head. On Facebook, Allie's mother wrote that Brayden has known Allie since the sixth grade and wanted her to feel more comfortable.

Allie's mother, Debbi, and the school's PTSO posted pictures online showing Allie and Brayden together. Collectively they have been shared hundreds of times on Facebook.