Students in Kenya do the "dab" to cheer on the Panthers

“Ready? Let’s go girls! Let’s ‘dab’”, said Kerby McKinnell. Students all the way from Kenya are cheering on the Panthers by doing the "dab".

"Keep Pounding. We do that a lot," said Mariet, sophomore at Uhuru Academy.

Her teacher, Kerby mckinnell, is a Charlotte native and a huge Panthers fan.

"I brought a football in today and the girls loved throwing it around and are trying to kick it. We're learning about what American football is," said McKinnell.

She's also teaching the girls what it means to keep pounding in their education at Uhuru Academy.

"I went to a math quiz and couldn't remember anything. I remembered "keep pounding" and then suddenly everything came to me," said Vanessa, junior at Uhuru Academy.

The Panthers are also getting international attention from the media. A crew traveled all the way from Mexico City to cover the Super Bowl.

"There's a lot of history in Mexico around football. Not soccer. We don't like soccer," said Jorge Milhe and Luis Fernandez, journalists from Televisa.

In fact, they say they grew up playing the all-American sport.

"When I started playing football I was 10. When I left it, I was 27. We've been playing this game more than a century," said Milhe and Fernandez.

While they're reporting the game live for Televisa, the students in Kenya will have will have to wait a little while to find out the final score.

"We're having a Super Bowl party at my house with some of our friends and teachers here at Uhuru Academy. We're going to film the game and watch it on Monday night so we're going to avoid all social media for a day," said McKinnell.

No matter the time difference, Panthers fans across the globe will be pounding.