Students injured after high school building collapse

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Twenty-two people were injured at North Iredell High School after a truck, carrying band instruments, ran into a concrete overhang at the school on Raider Road in Olin, NC Saturday afternoon. 21 of those injured were students from South Iredell High School, one was an adult. The students were at the school for a multi-school band competition. Conditions range from minor to life-threatening.

Students were unloading a bus for the band competition when the accident happened.

One student went to Baptist Hospital with serious injuries. Others were taken to Iredell Memorial. Some students had to be freed from the collapsed overhang.

According to a GoFundMe account one girl had her leg amputated, multiple people had broken feet, legs and pelvises, and there were a lot of severe head injuries.

Students who were not injured were taken to the schools cafeteria to be reunited with their parents. 

The school says the band competition was stopped when the accident happened.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the South Iredell High School students injured.