Students report more issues at JCSU, this time with plumbing

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Students at Johnson C. Smith University are reporting more issues with student housing facilities, this time with dirty water and broken toilets.

Around 11:00 p.m. On Tuesday, students were sent to the Holiday Inn in uptown, but tonight they say problems with the plumbing haven't been fixed and they are right back in their dorms in conditions they say are deplorable. 

“It's terrible it's just not right and they need to fix it, soon,” one student said. 

The students, who live in Sanders Hall, say conditions are so bad they had to stay in a hotel overnight. 

"Right now in my dorm we have brown water it is not clear it's a tint and it's causing rashes on people's chests, on their arms, on their bodies. Now they said there's no toilets at all in our dorm."

Students speaking under the condition of anonymity say the water is brown and clumpy with specs, showers don't drain and back up water to their feet - some stalls are missing shower heads. They tell FOX 46 jugs of water were brought in for students to use in the bathroom. 

Video of the third floor bathroom shows toilets covered in plastic with doors saying ‘closed.’

"Hi, are we able to go to the bathroom right now?” a student is heard asking in video shared with FOX 46.

“The first floor has new toilets; we're almost done with this floor. We're working our way up,” the school employee responds.

Students spent several hours meeting with staff at Sanders Hall Tuesday night fighting to be put in hotels, but they were sent back to their dorms. 

"They want all us to go to the second floor. 100 girls they want to go to four stalls and share one bathroom. Not only is that not safe but that is a fire hazard."

The students say there was a water main break in the area but the problems they're facing have been ongoing since August. 

"I hate to say it like this but we had to really act crazy. We had to really make these people see, look at my arms, look at my chest, look at my legs, I’m breaking out this is not funny, this is not cute anymore, take this seriously."

FOX 46 reached out to the university for answers and so far they have not returned any calls or email.