Students Required to Take Random Drug Test for School Parking Pass

A new policy now requires students who drive to and from school to take a random drug test. As you can imagine, this has some parents and teachers concerned while others think the policy doesn't go far enough.

If students in Lincoln County want to keep driving to and from school after Christmas break, they'll have to agree to take a random drug test.

"It doesn't matter to me because I don't do drugs. I signed the paper. They can drug test me, I don't care because I will pass," said Christian Byrd, senior at Lincolnton High School.

It used to be that only athletes had to do random drug testing, but Lincoln County Schools have expanded that to include students with a parking pass.

"One of the biggest things is safety for students on campus. We know that when you're driving a vehicle and you're under the influence, it is a safety hazard. The other thing is that it's a deterrent too," said Dr. Matt Stover with Lincoln County Schools

The school district is footing the bill. 25 dollars for each drug test using local dollars from the county. They wouldn't say how much money they're using in total, but some parents told us that their upset money isn't going to help buy textbooks and other classroom needs.

"The reality is that the cost of textbooks is far more than we could ever dream about using for random drug testing," said Dr. Stover.

Others complain random drug testing shouldn't just be for athletes or those who drive themselves to school, but everyone.

"There are some kids who don't play a sport and don't drive to school who think they're out and don't think they have to worry about anything. I think everybody should be on that same policy," said Janna Carr, coach at Lincolton High School.

We asked the district if they would expand random drug testing to all students. They told us, that would be unconstitutional, a violation of equal access to education.

Parents do have to sign a consent form to allow the random drug testing.

We also reached out to c-m-s to see if they also do random drug testing for students who drive to and from school. We were told that they don't.