Students say pornography accessible on laptops

Students at Porter Ridge High School in Union County say the wrong type of websites are being blocked by the school district's filters.

Seniors Dennis Shashkov and Skylar Pittman say websites like YouTube and Yahoo Answers are being blocked, but they have seen students accessing sites like Porn Hub -- as well as getting a number of pornographic images off Google Images.

"Hearing that in school is not something I want to be hearing at all," Shashkov said.

The students say kids are even playing jokes with the pornographic loopholes -- setting fellow student's desktop backgrounds to porn pictures after they leave their laptops unattended.

"I've seen fat, naked women and all kinds of things as new screensavers as kids walk away from their laptops," Pittman added.

Union County Public Schools sent us a statement saying it "monitors websites and updates internet filters on an ongoing basis. This is a safety issue and we take this matter very seriously."

The school added, YouTube is allowed for instructional use by teachers and they encourage students to report inappropriate behavior to school administrators.

Porter Ridge High students are all either issued a laptop, or share a laptop.