Students suspended from Cleveland Co. high school for "new tradition"

A handful of students have been suspended from Burns High School in Cleveland County for what they say is a new tradition that involves flying flags from the back of their cars— including the Confederate flag.  

“I thought it was kind of ridiculous, so I was like ok I see how it is,” said one student, who wanted to remain anonymous.

The tradition involves students flying several different flags on the back of their trucks and then parking their vehicles on school property.

A junior who was suspended and did not want to be identified tells FOX 46 suspensions started Friday.

Then several more students were suspended on Monday after they were warned what flags not to fly. 

“I got out my truck and he was like you can’t do this here just go on and go home that's two days,” the student said. 

The school released this statement saying, in part:  

Any conduct that would cause a disruption in our educational environment may be subject to discipline via the CCS Code of Conduct.  Please understand that an immediate suspension may very well likely not be the consequence of a matter such as the one in question.

The junior says he believes around 10 students were suspended, and although he can see why some may have issue with the Confederate Flag. He says he wasn't showing any disrespect.

He says they when it comes to the confederate flag, he wasn't trying to promote hate. 

“Cause everyone else was doing it and I said let's stand together.”