Students weigh in on security changes at CMS schools

In the next few weeks, high school students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will have their backpacks randomly searched and they may be wanded as they head to class.

“We don’t want none of our friends to get shot, get stabbed or stuff like that,” Tremond Leach, a middle school student, said.

He got some advice from his older brother, Stevon, to start high school next year.

“Be careful not to get in no fights and start nothing and also to focus on his work and not mess with the girls,” Stevon Leach said.

The brothers say they feel safe at school.

“We have a lot of securities and a lot of officers that come to our school and make sure we’re safe,” Stevon said.                    

He attends Harding High School.

On Monday, a student brought a knife with a 2.5 inch blade to Harding High, according to CMPD.

That’s just one of several recent security threats at various CMS schools that Fox 46 Charlotte found while looking through police reports.

“If they feel like somebody’s suspicious with a gun, they’ll do a backpack check or search them,” said Stevon.

Starting in the next few weeks, CMS will begin random security checks at high schools.

Those include wanding students, doing backpack searches, and using a dog trained to detect gunpowder.

CMS also plans to add crisis alert systems for teachers, allowing them to call for help.

They also plan to expand video surveillance, enhance locks, upgrade fencing and gates around schools, and provide active survival training.

All of these changes come after a deadly shooting inside Butler High School last October.