Superintendent, Police Chief don't support arming CMS teachers

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox and CMPD Chief Kerr Putney have been discussing security changes at CMS schools following the shooting in Parkland, FL, and the two have come to an agreement that arming teachers is not the right solution. 

"After we leave here the work begins," said Chief Putney in a 28-minute video posted on the CMPD Facebook Monday night.

The online program with Chief Putney is called "Straight Talk", but after the Parkland school shooting, the chief and CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox have been sitting down together focusing on taking action.

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"Our conversation has been around how can we be more proactive to prevent someone from getting in a school to do some devastation like down in Florida and other places around the country," said Chief Putney.

A preventative measure both men agree on is CMS schools don't support armed teachers.

"I just don't think adding more guns to a volatile situation makes sense. I think it confuses the situation for an officer that has to respond," said Dr. Wilcox.

"I don't think you should have guns in classrooms. That doesn't make sense to be because you had 800 guns stolen last year and where are you going to secure them? It's a practical matter," said Chief Putney.

Instead, CMPD and CMS hope to strengthen security measures already in place. They include escorting guests around schools and scanning their license. Active shooter drills and more school resource officers could be added in the near future.

The NC Superintendent and Gov. Roy Cooper also weighed in on the debate, saying they don't believe teachers should be armed either.