Surprise, it's twins! Asheville couple reveals big secret to family

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An Asheville couple's family thought the only surprise they were getting was finding out the gender of their new family member. But Madison and Cody Owenby had other plans. The two had been keeping a rather large secret and revealed it to their family this past weekend. 

"Surprise!!! There are two babies coming instead of one. We have known for about two weeks and it's been killing us," Madison wrote on Facebook. 

Madison tells FOX 46 Charlotte her and Cody met at App State and will have been married for two years this October. The couple was planning on trying to start having a family in January but found out Madison was pregnant in December. 

"Twins run in both sides of [the] family so we were totally expecting twins, but when we had our first ultrasound they didn’t find a second baby. We told them to double check to make sure there wasn’t another baby," Madison said. 

She then went in for another checkup ultrasound around 15 weeks and the ultrasound tech saw two babies and told the happy couple. 

"We only told our parents and the friend who was helping us with the reveal and we obviously surprised the rest of our family and friends at the reveal. They had no idea it was coming," Madison told FOX 46 Charlotte. 

Not only was the twins announcement a huge surprise to the family, but discovering that the couple was having twin boys, sent father-to-be Cody through the roof with joy! His reaction is priceless.