Surveillance, social media plays a role in Charlotte riot arrests

If you walk into the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Central Division, you will find a wall covered with pictures. They’re the faces detectives said they’ve been looking for in connection to the uptown Charlotte riots.

"This isn't even all of them because we ran out of space," Detective Josh Gibson said. 

But the investigation overwhelms much more than mere wall space.

"Take the Hornets fan shop for instance. We had doors and windows that were broken. We had a mass of people flowing in and out within a minute," Gibson said. 

He said the flood of pictures and video from surveillance cameras, to social media and even TV news played to their advantage.

Gibson references one example.

"Once outside the store, (the suspect) gave an interview to an NBC affiliate and gave his name so it was easy to link up who he was because he gave his name to a reporter," Gibson said.