Suspect accused in attempted sex assault out on bond

A man accused of robbing, carjacking and attempted to sexually assault a woman in Charlotte is back on the streets.

The sexual assault survivor and her family are terrified after finding out that her accused attacker is out on the streets again. 

The attack happened in the Montford Drive area of Charlotte back in November. Police say the suspect attacked the woman while she was trying to get money out of an ATM at the Park Road Shopping Center.

Police caught Travis Blakley a few weeks later. He’s charged with first degree attempted rape, first degree kidnapping, robbery with a dangerous weapon and a long list of other charges.

He bonded out of jail over the weekend, and the family of the woman who police say he attacked tells FOX 46 they are worried for their safety now that he is back on the street.

The victim's sister says she's been too scared to drive for months and has had so many panic attacks she stopped taking classes.

"He was trying to kill her, He was strangling her and she punched and scratched and fought her way out,” the victim’s sister, Jessica, said. "She called me hysterically crying shaking.” 

She tells FOX 46 her sister fears for her life now that Blakely is back on the street. 

"For being so tough, I’ve never seen her cry as much as she has the past couple months.” 

He forced his way into her car with a weapon. 

"She doesn't want to be in the passenger seat of a car because that's where he attacked her, in her own car. He slid her over passenger seat and that's where he assaulted her." 

The survivor fought her way out on Independence Boulevard running against traffic until another driver stopped to help. 

"She was never a person to get panic attack or anxiety but she defiantly has." 

Police arrested Blakely weeks later. He's been in jail before, this time under a $120,000 bond, until he was released this past Saturday 

"How did he pay for it? Who paid for it?" 

The family says Blakely knows the survivors name and they now fear for her safety. 

"[She’s] terrified that he is going to retaliate against her. She doesn't want him to do it again to some in their 20s or any other female." 

The family told me they will be in that courtroom every time Blakely appears and continue to push for justice.