Suspects Back Stolen Car into Boost Mobile Storefront

Matthews, N.C. (WJZY) -- Little is left of a Boost Mobile storefront in Matthews after three people stole a station wagon and backed it through the brick, metal and glass at 4am Thursday according to Mint Hill Police.

Neighboring business owners and employees got a first look when coming in for work.

"I drove up this morning. My first impression was that somebody forgot to put their foot on the brake, put it on the gas and slammed into the building," said Charles Forrest who works at Allstate.

Boost Mobile employees told us off camera that only about four cellphones were taken along with a personal computer. They're still going through inventory to see if anything else is missing.

Some fellow businesses say the shopping center needs a boost in security.

"We need to get some police over here. Just one will be enough to deter a crime. If there was a cop car sitting here last night, there wouldn't have been a car running into the building," said Igor Tyshchuk who works at a shop next to Boost Mobile.

Mint Hill Police say they regularly patrol the area, but cannot dedicate an officer solely to the store. Authorities have suggested the strip mall employ a security officer if necessary.

For now, Boost Mobile employees plan to reopen in a week. Until then, the store will remain boarded up.

Authorities tell us the suspects escaped in a silver Honda Accord.

They’re seeking surveillance video from neighboring stores to develop more information about the suspects and the get-away car.