Suspects wanted after attempting to steal from farm supply store

Employees at a Mt. Holly supply store say they had to stop three suspected thieves from shoplifting-- and the entire thing was caught on camera.

"It's not unusual to have shoplifters," said Mt. Holly Farm Supply Employee Joni Burgamy.  "But yesterday was out of the ordinary-- they got a little violent."

Surveillance video shows a bold and brazen thief trying to get away with a saw worth $1,600.

"We don't want anyone to steal from us," said Employee Tracy Woods.

"We just were so mad," Burgamy said.  "They felt they could come in and do that and take our stuff."

It all unfolded around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday when three suspects backed into a space at the farm supply store in a silver dodge avenger with a dent on the passenger's side door.

Surveillance video then shows two women and one man walking into the store one at a time.

"Then, she walks over and it seems like she knows what she's doing-- going for a $1,600 saw," said Burgamy.

A staff member reacted quickly and ran after her-- eventually getting the saw back.

"You don't know what they're thinking," said Woods.  "And you're trying to be safe for you and the employees in the store-- it's scary."

Employees at the store just want to catch the people responsible for trying to steal their stuff.

"By far the craziest experience with a shoplifter," Burgamy said.  "We just want justice."

The crew did manage to get away with a toboggan hat-- but luckily, no one was harmed. 

If you recognize the people or car in the video, call police.