Take Shape for Life Health Program

   With the holidays right around the bend, you may be worried about your waistline and with the new year in sight, a lot of people are looking to get into shape and their target jean size. Local fitness expert, Julie Apple, is getting clients down dozens of pounds through a change in diet. The program is called Take Shape For Life Health Program. It ups the amount of meals people eat per day, while cutting back on sodium and sugar.

    Every couple of hours, clients are eating a small meal including lean and green (or protein and veggies) lunches and dinners. "It's designed for anybody, no matter what your lifestyle is," explained Apple. The health program includes some meal replacement options, with the goal of getting people to a desired weight, and relying solely on their own groceries. It maps out meals, so people on the program don't get hungry and binge. The plan also relies on cutting out alcohol and increasing water intake. It keeps a person's metabolism working throughout the day and their blood sugar levels steady.

    "The first week, I lost 6 pounds," said Apple's client, Nancy Crowell. She's down about 20 pounds after a couple of months on the health program. Crowell said she used to be like a lot of folks, on and off the health food wagon, but this has helped her find an easy balance. "I feel really strong, and I feel really healthy," she said.

    Around the holidays, Apple says it's okay to enjoy, but don't overdo the indulgences. "Think about it as two days of having fun and feasting versus two months." While Apple also trains a lot of her clients in the gym, she said she's seen success in people on the plan that aren't able to exercise. One client, in particular, has had hip issues that had her unable to work out. "Since April, she's totally changed her diet, what she eats, how she's eating. She's been following the program and she's lost 75 pounds."

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