Target gives hilarious response after failed Harry Potter order

Photo courtesy of Jessica 

There are Harry Potter fans everywhere - and it looks like some work at Target!

One Harry Potter fan says she was crushed to discover a 'Hufflepuff' mug she ordered on Black Friday from Target arrived at her home damaged. 

Jessica [who wanted to remain partially anonymous] told FOX 46 Charlotte she messaged Target customer service and got quite a hilarious response. 

"Hello - we truly apologize that your mug was damaged. The work of the Slytherin house no doubt! 🐍 Please make a new purchase, and provide us with the order number. We will make a $1.44 adjustment to reflect your original savings. We hope to have one sent to you that Helga Hufflepuff would be proud of. - Daniel," Target replied back. 

Jessica said the playful reply had her laughing out loud. She said she hasn't received her new mug yet but the order is currently processing.