Task force created to deal with organized retail theft in Charlotte

It's a crime Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say is happening way too often across Charlotte -- it's called organized retail theft.

"These cases are utilizing the proceeds or money from these to finance drug and gang related crime here in our city," said CMPD. 

Police are now creating a task force to help reduce these crimes.

"It's long over due. The citizens of the city have made a voice about witnessing these crimes, the retailers have made their voice and now the department is doing something about it."

CMPD adds a Home Depot off of University City Blvd was hit too. Surveillance video shows a man leaves the store with a full cart and doesn't pay.

"Shoplifting cases are up 13% compared to last year and some divisions saw an increase of nearly 50%. Last year alone over 6000 cases of shoplifting reported," said CMPD, 

Police say the task force was created a month ago, but by mid year they hope to start seeing the results.

"You will see in six months to a year the impact that this will have on Charlotte. I am very confident in that," said CMPD.