Tattoo Parlor asks for Donations to help man charged with Making Explosives

Days after the FBI raided a Belmont tattoo parlor in connection with the arrest of three men suspected of stockpiling weapons to fight the U.S. government, employees of the raided tattoo parlor are asking for donations to help pay for legal fees.

A sign outside the door of Capone's Tattoo Parlor on Wilkinson Boulevard encourages people to buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a tattoo. The sign says the investigation is not connected to the tattoo parlor. It says, "There were no bombs, explosives, drugs, or any other dangerous or illegal items confiscated from the shop... Very few details have been released regarding Chris. We support him and are one-hundred percent confidant that he would never endanger anyone. He is a loving father and his family continues to ask for your support."

Agents arrested Chris Campbell for allegedly making live grenades from legal dummy grenades sold at the military supply store in the same shopping center. Two other men, Christopher Barker, and Walter Litteral were also arrested in connection with the conspiracy case.

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An affidavit says the men believed the military was going to impose martial law, and they planned to attack and kill government agents.

Someone wrote on the tattoo parlor's Facebook page, the writer saying she is engaged to Chris, and the mother of his two children. The post says, "I would like to publicly acknowledge that most of what is being said is pure speculation. I have faith that truth will come out, but as of now, the investigation is still in progress. The FBI is doing their job, and I need everyone to please just let them do it. They have been nothing but kind and accomodating to myself and my family. Chris is a good man. I know his intentions were never to hurt anyone. He loves his family and his country."

The post has been liked by more than 400 Facebook accounts.

A GoFundMe account also asks for donations, saying the mother of Chris Campbell's children is a stay at home mom, and that Campbell is out of work temporarily.