Teacher accused of mistreating Muslim kindergartner, school investigating

Charlotte public school officials are investigating allegations that a teacher mistreated a 5-year-old student because he's Muslim.

An attorney said what happened at David Cox Road Elementary School in north Charlotte left the young child "crying and extremely shaken."

The attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations or "CAIR" wrote a letter to the deputy state superintendent of education in North Carolina, saying the kindergartner endured relentless bullying and harassment by his teacher - that he was forced to carry a heavy backpack around and the teacher reportedly called him a "bad Muslim boy."

Most recently, CAIR said that the kindergarten teacher grabbed the student by the neck at one point and another teacher had to intervene.

"I'm very appalled. I'm very upset that this would happen in a school system that prides itself on tolerance and diversity."

Jibril Hough, spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Charlotte, said leaders at CMS have assured him that the allegations are being investigated thoroughly. 

"CMS needs to send a clear message that this will not be tolerated."

CMS told FOX 46 Charlotte, "Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Is committed to a culture of care and respect for all students and staff. The district does not condone inappropriate or disrespectful verbal comments or actions toward any student or staff member. The district is working closely with law enforcement officials to fully investigate the alleged incident involving our student."

CAIR is asking the State Board of Education to fire the teacher and revoke her teaching license. They also want the student transferred to a new classroom and teachers and students to receive diversity training at the school. 

CMS gave no indication as to how long their investigation will take.