Teacher helps wheel-chair bound student jump rope

Eight year-old Jorgy Emerson is always determined to try new things. So when he was in gym class surrounded by his classmates jumping rope, he didn't let his wheelchair keep him from joining in. 

"He looked at me and we were tossing a ball back and forth because, at first I didn't know how to include him," said Harrisburg Elementary gym teacher Lauren Watts. "I try to find ways, but sometimes its very hard."

Jorgy has spastic cerebral palsy, but he doesn't ever let the fact that he's in a wheelchair hinder his ability to have fun. With the help of his gym teacher, Lauren Watts, the Harrisburg Elementary student was able to jump rope with his classmates for the first time.

"That day I put his wheelchair in my torso area and was able to push it and turn the rope and he was ecstatic. We went in the hallway, we went back and forth and he was yelling with excitement the whole time."

It was a small gesture that made a huge impact. That's why we recognized Lauren Watts as a FOX 46 Charlotte Teacher Getting Results.