Teacher, mentor recognized at Thomasboro Academy

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FOX 46 Charlotte continues to honor teachers getting results.

Ms. Verna Rochon was nominated this August because of her dedication to scholars as a whole, including their academic and emotional well-being. 

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Rochon's students at Thomasboro Academy were all in on this surprise. 

"She's the best teacher that you could ever have," Deborah Brown said. 

Their take - she's the perfect candidate for FOX 46 Charlotte - a teacher getting results. Ms. Rochon is simply electric in the classroom, inspiring her students to find their talent and follow their dreams.

"I'm the light. I like to show them their path. A lot of times they don't even know what they want to do, so I can look at them and see something in them that they don't see in themselves," Rochon explained. 

Technically, Rochon is an academic enrichment teacher, prepping students for high school and then college. But she sees her role as that of a mentor.

"If you don't reach them by middle school, then that's when you lose them. They have a tendency to not want to go on, so they get to high school, they just wait on the age to drop out, so that's where you really have to show them that my life is my own and the choices I make, make my life a good life, or a not so good life, so not start 'em off early in choosing a good life," Rochon explained. 

And her students all said she cares about more than just academics. She cares about them as a whole. 

"She knows what we are going through at home, and she takes the time to try to help us with it," Brown said. 

"She acts like our mom. She's like one of our moms that we have at school. Especially to me. That's my teacher over there," La'Renia Livingston said. 

Thomasboro Academy's principal said Rochon's work goes beyond the classroom. She's brought the community in to the school, even building up the PTA in just the past year.

"Before we would beg people to come and we'd have one or two people to come. And now, we're having to go and bring extra chairs in, kind of like what you do at church on Easter Sunday when everyone shows up," Principal Jan Mclver said.

Rochan said her work isn't stopping anytime soon. It

Ms. Rochon will be on Good Day Charlotte Thursday morning on September 15. Know a teacher who deserves to be nominated? Message Kayla Ayres on Facebook! For more stories on 'Teachers Getting Results', click here!