Teachers Getting Results: Air Force veteran changing lives of JROTC students

From the Air Force to the classroom, FOX 46 Charlotte's Teacher Getting Results this week is proof that an educator's impact can change and shape a student's life for the better.

Major Brian Batson is a teacher who instills integrity, service and excellence in his students.

"He took me under his wing and he basically acted as a second father to me," said Clover High School Senior Jeremy Bays.

"Even as a freshman, he's pushed me to get out of my shell and go beyond what I knew I was ever capable of," said Senior Samantha Burris.

Major Batson has been a JROTC Senior Aerospace Science Instructor at Clover High School for eight years now.  He spent 21 years in the Air Force.

"A lot of folks, when they retire, they feel sad and feel like they'll miss something," said Major Batson.  "I get the best of both worlds because I still wear the uniform and most kids are full-sized and look like airmen to me-- so most of the time, I feel I'm still serving the country."

His focus is building better citizens for America.  His students spend about 6,000 hours a year doing community service.

"I feel blessed I get to interact with students every day," said Major Batson.  "And try to get them pointed in the right direction in life."

He is certainly getting results.  13 of his 37 students that applied for the Air Force Chief of Staff Flight Academy Private Pilot Scholarship Program were selected.  That's more than any other school in the country.

"So about a $20,000 scholarship-- and we earned 13 of those.  There are 150 available nationwide and here, we got 13 of them, and you have to remember-- there are 900 schools that do what we do here.  To get ten percent of the quota is a big deal."

Clover High School has the largest ROTC program in the state of South Carolina.  Even the school's principal was once a cadet.

"He is an individual that many will look back on their life and say -- 'I would've gone in this direction if not for Major Brian Batson,' and that's pretty special," said Clover High School Principal Rod Ruth of Batson.