Teachers Getting Results: Amy Simmons instructs students across the globe

FOX 46 recognizes teachers getting results in the classroom. This week, we're honoring an educator who not only touches the lives of students here in our immediate area, but also overseas.

A former student of Amy Simmons at Carr Elementary sent us a nomination saying, in part:

"I want to nominate Amy Simmons.  She was my fourth and fifth grade teacher and made one of the biggest impacts in my life.  I could probably write a book about her.  From the way she teaches to how she interacts with the students, she's amazing and deserves this so much."

"It's amazing," fifth grade teacher Amy Simmons said. "It's overwhelming."

Not only does Simmons teach kids in Gaston County, her involvement in students' lives reaches far beyond the United States.

"I teach English to boys and girls on the other side of the world in China in the morning before I come to school and on Saturday mornings," she said. 

She uses the internet to connect with kids and their families on the other side of the world.

"It's just an amazing thing-- to go and teach kids in China and come to school and teach in my American classroom," Simmons said. "It's just awesome."

Simmons likes to get her students up and moving.

"We have brain breaks and dance and act silly," she said. "I give them a chance to move around."

She's been teaching for 24 years, and her mother was an educator as well.

"It's in my blood," she said. "It's what I'm most passionate about."

"She just has that special gift of building relationships with students and their families and that motivates the kids," said Principal Rebekah Duncan. "They want to come to her class.”

"Our job as educators is to make an impact on each child we come in contact with, and it's amazing to know we did that in some small way, shape or form," Simmons said.