Teachers Getting Results: Cuthbertson High School teacher makes math fun for students

At Cuthbertson High School, one teacher is making math fun. 

If you ask Mrs. Kimberly Wren’s students what kind of teacher she is, you'll likely never hear the word boring. 

"Mrs. Wren is always energetic and I’ve had monotone teachers and not as fun and she’s always coming in with a smile its really refreshing,” one of her students said. 

"She makes it more fun than here’s a worksheet let’s do it,” said another.

Mrs. Wren has taught for 18 years in the school district she grew up in and graduated from.

“She’s an extremely dedicated teacher she is here for the benefit of every student she has. She has the ability to meet the students where they are, whether its EOC or AP classes, her test scores are some of the best in the state of NC,” said interim Principal Jeffery Stout.

She's this week's-- teacher getting results. Her passion showed in our surprise. She was moved to tears.
Thank you so much that makes me feel good this is so great. I’m very surprised. Thank you, thank you everyone,” Wren said.

With math often being an unpopular subject Mrs. Wren calculates her plans to spice it up. 

“I try to make it fun and relevance is really important. I try to teach them here’s where you’re going to use this or here’s where the math comes into play in your life,” she said.

“Based off all my math classes she’s been the best I’ve had this year and she’s a really great teacher and makes sure everyone understands it and not just let’s get it done and move on 

She wants her students to move on from her math class knowing she made a difference in their lives.

“she calmed my nerves about math and everything. She’s my favorite math teacher I’ve ever had,” another student said, 

“I want my students to leave the classroom knowing there’s someone in this building that cares about them and they can come back and ask advice and I want them to know they improved and to have learned mathematics to improve from the year before,” said Wren.

We are told Mrs. Wren's students have some of the highest testing scores in the state. 

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