Teachers Getting Results: Elementary teacher brings love of music to students

FOX 46 recognizes teachers getting results.

We received a nomination saying, "Mr. Wagner takes his lunch time every day to help students who need extra support and attention with behavior, academics, talent development, or all three.  He is building self-esteem and giving them a purpose."

The sounds of singing echo through the walls of Mr. Nick Wagner's Sardis Elementary School classroom.

"I came into teaching later in life after having played music professionally for about ten years," Wagner said.

He takes his passion for music and jazzes up his students in a way that makes them love it, too.

"My teaching philosophy is to get kids to love music," he said. "I just love music so much-- it's indescribable."

Students say he helps them achieve their dreams.

"I thought I could probably never complete what I wanted to do-- which is be a singer, but it came true because of Mr. Wagner teaching me how to play the guitar,"  fifth grader Alejandro Galvan said.

Mr. Wagner has been a music teacher for nine years now and loves every minute of it.  He always goes the extra mile for his students.

"No matter what is going on in their lives or where they came from, all children are good-natured and loving in their hearts-- and to be surrounded by that is a blessing."