Teachers Getting Results: Marshville Elementary spreads kindness, teaches life lessons

FOX 46 recognizes teachers getting results in the classroom. At Marshville Elementary, one teacher is spreading kindness through her teaching.

If there's a lesson you feel should be learned about kindness, Ms. Becky Phifer's fourth grade classroom is where you'll likely find it.

"The message I like to get across is, 'treat others the way you want to be treated,'" Phifer said.

Yes, she of course teachers her students the core subjects like reading and math, but also, life lessons they'll take with them outside the classroom walls forever.

"It's every day you wake up you need to think about others," said Phifer.

Ms. Phifer has taught for 29 years. On top of using humor inside the classroom, she uses real world examples that make her lessons relatable.

"She talks to us about how we have to be nice even if someone is different," said Marshville fourth grader Lilly Merritt.  "And if there's bulllying going around, we have to talk to a teacher and help stop the bullying."

"She's nice, she's like a mother-- a second mother to me-- and she makes me smile a lot," said fourth grader Nevaeh Campbell. 

"I love being here," said Phifer. "And I think being here makes me want to do better."