Teachers Getting Results: Mr. Brandon Sanders brings music to student's ears

FOX 46 Charlotte recognizes teachers getting results and this week, we visited the band director at Pleasant Knoll Middle School who was just recognized as the Fort Mill School District's Teacher of the Year.

Sounds ring out from inside Brandon Sanders' classroom, echoing through the halls of Pleasant Knoll. 

"It's just so special to have someone like that in our building who can be a role model for kids and our staff," Pleasant Knoll principal Grey Young said. 

Sanders is much more than just an educator to his students. He's a mentor, too.

"He tries to get to know all his students and seems to care more than most teachers do," eighth-grader Isabella Neff said.

"If I had any favorite related arts teacher it would be him," said student Taylor Johnson.

He's been sharing his passion for music, teaching kids instruments for the past 10 years. He's spent six of those years in the Fort Mill School District.

"He really cares about the kids and wants to see them be successful not only in middle school band but all their classes," said Young.

That's why Brandon Sanders is FOX 46 Charlotte's teacher getting results.

"I'm thankful to have the awesome kids I have and support and awesome parents at home listening to those wrong notes as they practice, so I'm thankful to serve our comm through music and do that job and do it well everyday," Sanders said.

Sanders was recently named teacher of the year for the Fort Mill School District.

"I've been a principal six years and never had a district teacher of the year so very proud of him," Young said.

"It's overwhelming. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have the opp to serve our school district further and district Teacher of the Year to recognize them for their hard word and recharge thosebatteries to be passionate about teaching and improve music education in our area," said Sanders. 

Sanders works closely with his students, always making sure they're hitting the right notes.

For Sanders, music is a passion and something he enjoys sharing with his students.

"Just using music as that outlet to reach kids challenge them and motivate them inside and outside the classroom," Sanders said. 

He wants his students to move on and be successful and express themselves using these sounds.

"Its a real joy to kind of see them share that with others and share that musical journey with learning and performing and its a real good overall environment for the kids to learn and have fun," Sanders said. "Just having that opp to mentor and be there for them in their personal and academic lives to provide support and watch them grow for three years."