Teen nearly impaled after gate crashes through windshield

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A Lincoln County teen is thankful to be alive after her vehicle crashed into a gate that narrowly missed her face.

"I mean, an inch or two further and it would've went through her face," mother Brandy Brooks said.

The accident happened on June 7 while Kaitlyn Brooks was leaving the parking lot of West Lincoln High School.

The Brooks Family said the gate was not secured and stormy winds blew it open into a turning lane. The lane was, partially, obstructed from view, according to the family and by the time the driver turned into the lane it was too late -- the gate crashed through the front windshield and exited out the back windshield.

"It was a loud glass explosion and the next thing she knows there's a gate next to her head," Brandy said.

Family believes the Lincoln County Public School District should be responsible since the gate was not secured.

"I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble, I just thought the school board would step up and be like, you know, let us make this right for you, I hate this happened for you."

In a statement to FOX 46, Superintendent Dr. Lory D. Morrow said, "The matter in which you inquired involved a student and as you know, federal law prohibits the release of records or information related to students. For this reason, we are unable to comment further."

Charlotte-based attorney Corey Rosensteel said the school district could be liable for not securing the gate but added, if the teen was doing anything negligent with her driving, those potential actions could override the school's liability. 

Security footage captured the incident. That footage has not been released to FOX 46, but Brandy had an opportunity to view it and said it supports her belief that her daughter was not in the wrong.

"Had it been secured properly in the first place, the wind would've never blown it open," she said.