Teen pleads guilty to killing his best friend

A 17-year-old pleaded guilty Thursday to killing his best friend. The convicted killer blames drugs and playing with a gun for the crime that happened last summer.

Jermarion Worthy told police he shot and killed his best friend Jamie Bright after the two had smoked marijuana and were playing with a gun, according to prosecutors.

Lawyers say Worthy said he started hearing noises outside the apartment and thought someone was trying to "get them."

“He went on to say that he pulled the trigger because of the sounds he was hearing while they were tripping on the drugs,” said a prosecutor in court.

Worthy was charged with second degree murder. On Thursday, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charges of involuntary manslaughter and felony obstruction of justice.

“Something really dumb happened that had really, really bad results. He should not have had the gun. He’s acknowledged that this was a terrible, terrible consequence,” said Worthy’s attorney.

The victim, Bright, played football at Harding University High School. His mom did not come to court Thursday.

Prosecutors said her absence in court was because she was not happy about their decision to allow Worthy to plead to a lesser charge.

“I told her that to prove the charge of second degree murder, we’d have to show that he intentionally fired the gun and that he had a heart devoid of social duty,” said the prosecutor in court.

Worthy was sentenced to 22 to 46 months in prison.