Teen shot by CMPD officer during attempted robbery remains in hospital

A teenager remains in the hospital after he was shot by an off duty officer police say he tried to rob. 

A teenager police say tried to rob an off duty officer is in the hospital. CMPD tells FOX 46 it all happened in south Charlotte while the officer and her husband were in a parking lot.

Most people in the area describe the complex as quiet. They tell me a CMPD car is usually in the parking lot and they say it’s the one thing they thought would always help deter crime. 

"It sounded like firecrackers it was like ‘boom boom boom’ and by the time I looked out it was blown up with lights and I was like ‘that can’t be gunshots and the sheriff was like yes," 

The shots that erupted outside of Jai Cooks apartment turned out to be an attempted armed robbery involving an off duty officer.


CMPD says just after midnight a teenager and other suspects approached officer Emily Bishop and her husband in the parking lot of Waterford Tide Loop. 

Bishop took out her department-issued weapon and fired, injuring a 17-year-old. The other suspects fired back.  
"What were you thinking that just blows my mind I wouldn’t rob anyone so it’s just crazy," 

Residents say while they don't expect something like that to happen in their neighborhood, they know anything is possible. 

"You can’t really walk around at night anyone that’s a single person be safe not that this is a bad neighborhood, growing up I knew my neighbors," Cook said. 

"I didn’t expect anyone to get shot. That's crazy. what’s up with that?" said neighbor Nico Hernandez. 

CMPD says just minutes before the shooting the suspects are accused of committing another burglary and armed robbery in the same complex.

"I wouldn’t think North Carolina, Pineville, it’s quiet so I wouldn’t expect that,"

As for the other suspects, police have not made any arrest. For the 17-year-old that was injured when he's released from the hospital, he will face multiple charges including assault with a deadly weapon and attempt to kill a law enforcement officer.